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Inside Admiral

What do our grads actually do?

With our graduate programme 2018 now open for applications, we thought you might like to know more about what our graduates actually do on the programme and the kinds of projects they work on.

We caught up with some of the grads from our February 2016, September 2016 and February 2017 intakes to find out what they’ve been up to recently. Our September 2017 intake has only just started so we’ll catch up with them in a few weeks’ time.

Have a read of everyone’s updates and get a feel for what the graduate programme is all about!


Nicci, Psychology graduate, Feb 2016 intake

Nicci had her final placement at Confused.com working in Marketing within the Display team. This involved managing the programmatic buying of online ad space, as well as designing new banner ads, creating new campaigns, and reporting on campaign success. Nicci enjoyed this role as it allowed her to use both creative and analytical skills, whilst also expanding her knowledge in marketing, strategic planning and budgeting. In March Nicci was made a permanent member of staff on the Display team, and loves being part of such an innovative and fast paced area of marketing. Congratulations Nicci!


Lawrence, History graduate, Feb 2016 intake

Lawrence finished his second placement in March. He had been working with New Business Process collecting information on where, how and when Admiral was cross-selling its products. The aim was to improve cross-sell in the future. This project culminated in a presentation to subject matter experts across the group.

Since March, Lawrence has been in Customer Contact Strategy, working to define and record our customer touch points. From this he will be building a Customer Journey map, which illustrates the experience of the customer through all of the different communications we have with them. Lawrence is also working on a project for his Masters dissertation, looking at Customer Satisfaction metrics attempting to link this to customer value.


Abi, Experimental Psychology graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Abi spent her first placement in Claims, working on a new transformation programme. Her role was to launch the programme as the communications lead, which involved the organisation of a series of events, as well as implementing a new internal branding campaign.

For her second placement, Abi worked as an insights assistant and researcher within Confused.com’s Marketing department. As part of this role, Abi conducted research that is helping to shape new propositions and develop new product features. She’s developed a good grounding in quantitative research methods and is hoping to broaden her understanding of qualitative research during the next few months. Abi has impressed at Confused and has been offered a permanent position starting from October. Congratulations Abi!


Aqeelah, Accounting and Finance graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Aqeelah’s first placement was in the Finance department, where her main task involved updating monthly finance packs that were sent out to stakeholders around the business. She also worked on collecting, calculating and presenting metrics for the efficiency meetings chaired by our Head of Service. Finally, she carried out an annual expense review by analysing each department’s expenditure against allocated budget. Having a background in Finance meant that this project suited Aqeelah very well and she very much enjoyed it.

Aqeelah is now working in Claims as a project manager, where she is focussing on improving our payment processes. She’s really enjoying meeting people all over Claims and learning to solve problems and make decisions, whilst also working on controlling risks and calculating ROI.


Ben, History graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Ben spent his first placement in New Business, where he analysed the strengths and weaknesses of shorter inductions. The placement also involved liaising with different departments to see how their MI was set up, analysed and communicated. Ben had to present his findings to the Head of New Business. Having not come from a numbers background, the placement represented an excellent opportunity for Ben to widen his skill set.

After leaving New Business, Ben joined Claims as a project manager, working on adding value to Admiral’s Approved Repairer network. The second part of the project involved creating an online portal. Claims has so far been an invaluable learning experience for Ben and he has decided to stay on in Claims for his final placement.


Harriet, Law graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Harriet came to Admiral on a slightly different programme, where she spent the final year of her studies working with us whilst finishing her degree. She initially worked within Claims and is now on her second placement working at Admiral Law. Harriet is working on a project looking at profiling competitors, improving marketing spend and introducing new products.  So far Harriet’s role has been diverse and she has enjoyed developing her knowledge and getting exposure to many different areas of the business, including bodily injury, fraud and the law firm.


Neha, Commerce graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Neha spent her first placement with Travel Insurance in New Products. She had to conduct extensive market research and profiling, putting herself in customers’ shoes to understand their perspective, needs and expectations. Neha worked on the policy booklet and learnt the importance of wording and also prepared the MI pack and Travel Script.

Neha is currently working as a project manager in Claims looking after Customer Feedback. This involves regular meetings with business managers to understand and capture the challenges we are constantly facing in satisfying our customers’ expectations. She has learnt a lot and has improved her communication and decision making skills, which in turn has boosted her confidence. Overall, Neha is enjoying her Admiral experience, in particular the culture and the new challenges she’s been given.


Oscar, Nuclear Engineering graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Oscar spent his first placement in New Products working on Travel Insurance. He worked on an exciting project to create the pricing structure alongside analysts within the Pricing Department. This was a difficult challenge considering the limitation of data available, but one that he thoroughly enjoyed.

In April Oscar moved to the Management Information department, where he has been producing reports for different departments and products across the company. This placement has given him an excellent opportunity to gain an understanding of how data is used to make better and more informed business decisions. Oscar will be spending his third and final placement in the Actuarial team, which he is very much looking forward to.


Stavros, Finance and Economics graduate, Sep 2016 intake

Stavros finished his first placement with First Car Quote (FCQ) in March, where he assisted with the creation of the first MI packs. Stavros analyzed the data collected during the first stages of FCQ. During his time there he liaised with Marketing, Pricing and external partners and learnt how to use Facebook and Google Analytics, while also reinforcing his project management skills. The most interesting but challenging part of the project was the forecasting activity - making predictions for the next months and stages of the product.

Stavros moved to Risk next where he is researching Emerging Risks, focusing particularly on connected and autonomous vehicles, Brexit and the updates to the legal and regulatory framework. Stavros is really enjoying this placement and has decided to extend it until December.


Alice, Mathematics graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Alice is on our Analyst programme and is spending her first placement with Management Information. Since she started in March, she has learnt SAS and two versions of SQL and has begun developing reports for departments around the business. This has given her an understanding of coding and most importantly how data is used to drive change across the business. Alice has also enjoyed getting involved in the graduate’s charity campaigns, including organising a quiz to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.


Andrew, Business Studies graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Since joining the grad scheme Andrew has been working on a number of projects. Most of his time has been spent on a technology review looking at our competitors and how they use IT to interact with customers, commenting on our current and future positioning by comparing us with our peers. The last couple of months he has been working with First Car Quote, a new team that uses Facebook to sell car insurance. He has been busy learning all about this new product and method of interacting with customers and managing the constant updates to the system.


Chloe, Law graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Chloe started working with the Sharing Economy team in March. Her main role was to audit and write the annual report for the Learner Driver product. This gave her the opportunity to get familiar with Excel and to present her report to senior managers.

Chloe has now moved to the Car Access Team and is working on Rentecarlo’s business development. This has given her the opportunity to work on different phases and stages of launching a new product. Another great aspect of her role is the constant need for cross-departmental work, helping Chloe expand her network of contacts across the business. The placement has been the right balance of challenging and fun allowing her to get a whole new perspective of the car sharing market.


James, Mathematics graduate, Feb 2017 intake

James joined us on our Analyst graduate programme and has been working in the Telematics department during his first placement.  He has been working on a range of different things from rewriting reports, to answering customer queries.  He has enjoyed learning about the different products the Telematics department offers, and is looking forward to further developing his skills and knowledge as the programme continues.


Kendra, Geography graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Kendra is spending her first placement in the Renewals department focusing on customer retention. She manages multiple campaigns that reward loyal customers for renewing their insurance with us and is responsible for making these as seamless and profitable as possible. She is also busy working on a number of innovative projects, which have so far involved extensive competitor analysis, cross-department meetings and a lengthy test plan. She is excited to oversee their launch; it will be a great achievement. This placement has helped Kendra settle in to the company and gain a clear understanding of the business from the frontline.


Kudz, Business Management graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Kudz is currently working in Household Products, undertaking numerous projects, which include working on a new household ancillary and the annual boiler service. Kudz had to gather raw data and conduct market research to ensure our product meets customer appetite while also designing an effective proposal and ancillary. He’s also been involved in moving Admiral Home from a 2 star to a 3 star Defaqto product rating. The above projects have equipped Kudz with the necessary project management skills, assisting him in overcoming hurdles while at the same time stressing the importance of increasing your network around the business. However, the most important key skill gained is understanding how to write effective reports and proposals for senior management.        


Sam, International Business graduate, Feb 2017 intake

Sam started his first placement in March and was placed in the Process Team within Customer Services. One of the most beneficial aspects of being new to the company is having a fresh set of eyes to look at the processes that are currently in place, so Sam has been involved in analysing a breadth of topics. This has ranged from looking at the customer journey on the website to the structure of letters, text messages and emails that our customers contact us through. He is really enjoying meeting with stakeholders across the business and gaining a true understanding of the challenges a large company faces when needing to adapt to change.


We hope you enjoyed our graduate update and that it’s helped you gain an idea of the variety of projects and departments you could be working in. Find out more about the graduate programme and read more in our graduate blogs to find out if the Admiral graduate programme is right for you!