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Inside Admiral

The Admiral graduates’ fundraising scheme for The Wallich

Joe and Carl from our 2018 graduate programme discuss their fundraising efforts for The Wallich.

Why are the grads fundraising for The Wallich?

Charity work is an integral part of the Admiral Graduate Programme and our intake was encouraged to raise money for The Wallich in particular, as Admiral has developed a strong partnership with them in recent years. The money we raise will help reintegrate people into society and make life better for those who are experiencing homelessness across Wales. As grads, this as a great opportunity to put our project management skills into practice. It’s a chance for us to develop and manage our own ideas and put our plans into action. It’s important to emphasise that we use a business approach – The Wallich is our client and sets our fundraising target. It’s then our job to meet that target.

What does The Wallich do?

The Wallich is a South Wales based charity focussed on homelessness. The charity provides a range of services including prevention programmes, outreach, accommodation & support, family & youth services, and learning, volunteering & employment support. We help towards this ongoing support with the money that we’re raising.

Can you tell me about your fundraising ideas?

One of the ideas we came up with is the “Admiral Business Undergraduate Fundraising Scheme”. This is a way of outsourcing our fundraising to students, as opposed to trying to raise all the funds internally. We’re reaching out to local universities to encourage students to take part in our project. Those who are interested send us a fundraising proposal, similar to a business plan, and we select the strongest ones. These students are then invited to complete a project management course at Admiral, before starting their fundraising efforts, where they each have a target of £300 to meet. If students meet their target, they will get a certificate from us to show they have completed the fundraising scheme.

What will students gain from this?

For students, this is a great opportunity to increase their employability skills, such as project management. This gives them a way of standing out from the crowd. We believe it is a win-win scenario, as the money raised will be hugely beneficial to the local homeless population, and in return, the students will gain valuable experience to enhance their CVs.

What’s your overall goal?

We are aiming to raise £40,000 for The Wallich this year. As grads, we are working as two different teams and each team aims to raise £20,000. Our team is trying something completely new with our student fundraising project, which we hope will raise £12,000 of our £20,000 goal.

How manageable is this project alongside your everyday work?

We have found it to be very manageable. The most time consuming part of the fundraising scheme has been the planning, which at most, took up 3-4 hours of our time per week. It’s a nice side project to manage alongside our work on the graduate programme as it gives us a chance to network externally and hone our time management skills.

How will you encourage students to take part?

We will mainly target local business schools and present the project to students at the beginning of their lectures. We are also able to use email communication via the university. We have found these methods very effective, as we’ve already received 39 student applicants for the project.

Is Admiral supportive of your project?

Admiral has been very helpful – we’re currently working with the Admiral Academy to book the project management courses for the students. Considering everyone has their own jobs to do, they’ve been so supportive – taking time out of their day to read our ideas and to make sure everything is going well.

What would you recommend to future graduates joining the graduate programme?

Definitely get involved in fundraising and don’t be scared of doing something different. Think of this as an opportunity to be creative, practice your project management skills, be accountable and impress people with your entrepreneurial ideas. It’s great to manage your own project and to implement your own ideas, rather than doing something that’s been done before.


If you’d like to help the grads with their fundraising efforts, you can do so here. If you’re a current student interested in taking part in the programme, please get in touch with us.