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Inside Admiral

Georgia, Emma and Georgie discuss their experience on the Core Graduate Programme

Like all our graduates, Georgia, Emma and Georgie come from a range of backgrounds: Georgia studied Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University. Emma went to the University of Bath to study Psychology, and Georgie studied Human Geography at Durham University.

What were you looking for during your graduate job search?

 “Although I initially wanted to look at HR specific roles, I decided that it would be best to gain broader experience first, so I chose to look at general schemes instead” (Emma)

 “Anything business related. This is something I have always been interested in. I also wanted to stay in Cardiff if possible as I had really enjoyed living here” (Georgie)

Why did you choose the Admiral Graduate Programme?

 “At my university’s career fair, I met a recent graduate, who was so friendly and easy to talk to and even though he had only been at Admiral for 6 weeks, he sung Admiral’s praises. This really sparked my interest with the company” (Georgia)

“I chose to apply for the Admiral Graduate Programme because it is rotational. I wanted the opportunity to move around and get a feel for what I liked” (Georgie)

How did you find the recruitment process?

 “It was very swift, and I liked that I knew where I was throughout the whole process. There was only a 3-week turnaround between applying and getting the job!” (Georgie)

 “Everyone seemed so friendly throughout the process, it really put me at ease. Having a Skype interview was a nice personal touch, as opposed to my other applications which used automated video interviews” (Georgia)

What does your day-to-day at Admiral look like?

 “I’m working in Motor Product and Ancillaries. This involves a lot of market research, but also internal projects such as department engagement” (Emma)

 “I work in Claims Procurement. We look after a supplier and keep up to date with changes to various departments’ interactions with suppliers. I like that this role gives me a lot of responsibilities” (Georgie)

“I’m working on business continuity in Claims Risk. I find it really interesting especially in the recent weather conditions, because if people don’t come into work due to the roads being icy, we need to look at how to move staff around to make sure we’re still functioning as a business” (Georgia)

Where will you be going for your next placement?

 “Customer Contact Strategy, as it links in nicely with my current role and will allow me to focus on performance and satisfaction, an area I am really interested in” (Emma)

 “I’m heading to the loans department in AFSL to work on the personal loan and car finance products. I wanted to go there because I’m currently in a service role and I would like to gain experience in a product-based role” (Georgie)

“I have chosen to go into IT to work on Talent Management Systems. I’m currently working in Claims, which takes up such a large proportion of the business alone, so I wanted to see an area outside of this and push myself out of my comfort zone” (Georgia)

What skills from university have you found most useful at Admiral?

 “I did not have many contact hours at university, so I had to learn to manage my time productively. This has become even more important at work – you need to be able to set your own deadlines and work to them effectively” (Georgie)

 “The teamwork and communication skills you learn at university are valuable for building a strong network at work. I have also been able to use a lot of my research skills learnt while studying psychology, such as running focus groups with call centre employees and analysing data” (Emma)

Do you see yourself working for Admiral long-term?

 “Yes! There is room for long-term career progression at Admiral, and the business can offer you some fantastic opportunities that you might not get elsewhere. The graduate programme offers invaluable exposure to so many areas of the business, so everyone can find something they really enjoy” (Georgie)

 “Definitely. Admiral really advocate career progression and provides a fantastic work culture. I can’t see myself wanting to leave” (Emma)

What would you say to someone sceptical of working for an insurance company?

 “Don’t let that put you off. I knew nothing about insurance before I applied, but I’ve learnt so much since being here. There’s more to it than you’d think” (Georgie)

 “You don’t need to be passionate about insurance to enjoy your role. The product the company sells doesn’t always matter – it’s the transferable skills you gain from working in a business environment that does” (Emma)

Is there anything you would recommend to someone applying for the Graduate Programme?

 “Be yourself! It’s not what you expect from an office job, the freedom you get to move around is unbelievable, so don’t be afraid to make yourself known” (Georgia)

 “Admiral is a company with no hierarchy. Your opinions and ideas really do matter here, no matter what role you’re in, so speak up and let your ideas be heard” (Emma)

What are your three favourite things about working at Admiral?

 “The people, the work-life balance and the many Admiral Benefits!” (Georgie)

 “The fun culture, the opportunities and being able to use the gyms and spas for free. I like that a healthy work-life balance is really encouraged” (Emma)

 “Flexi-time, the buy a book scheme and the team afternoons out. My first social event was actually on my birthday in my first week of work. We went for bottomless prosecco brunch at the Hilton. You don’t appreciate these things written on paper but when it actually happens to you it feels quite special” (Georgia)


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