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Inside Admiral

From Bocconi MBA Graduate to Finance Manager at Conte.it  

Stefano joined Admiral Group in 2017 as a Business Development Manager at Conte.it, our Italian operation. As with so many of our managers, it was Henry’s charisma that sparked Stefano’s initial interest in the Group. Whilst studying a full-time MBA in Bocconi, Henry and some colleagues visited campus and spoke about how he founded Admiral, the company values and distinct culture.

I immediately felt a fit with Admiral and applied for a summer internship and, when MBA finished, for a permanent position”.

Since securing the role of BDM, Stefano initially worked on the reorganisation of the Claims department and the creation of a new Governance department within Claims. Alongside this, he also worked in Operations and Finance on numerous smaller projects. Since our Group level Brexit project launched in 2018 across all sites, Stefano has acted as PMO for Italy. From January to March 2019 he had the opportunity to showcase his talent working alongside Conte.it CEO Costantino Moretti on a strategy project, before being appointed Finance Manager for Conte.it in April.

International mobility is something we pioneer among our employees and Stefano’s role has seen him travel to Cardiff, Madrid and Seville for business trips. In September 2019 we held our Finance CMAD in Seville, which provided another opportunity to travel and discover more about our international operations.  

As with any role, there are challenges to be overcome. Stefano stresses the need to learn quickly on the job. Moving around the business means having to understand new areas constantly, particularly when in Claims which requires a large amount of specific knowledge. This internal mobility means our Business Development Managers quickly familiarise themselves with the most important needs of an area in order to start delivering change and seeing results, often in small time windows.

It’s no surprise therefore that one of the most valuable skills for the role, for Stefano, is a commitment to learn as well as a willingness to experiment and fail. Pushing himself beyond his limits and having the opportunity to empower those around him has enabled him to pursue a diverse and rewarding career at Admiral to date.

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